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Huntington Beach, CA



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Caffeinated Design!

Glen Warren

Hello again fellow design lovers!  We are proud to introduce our new line of tables that pair perfectly with all the rest of the ever-growing Casara family.  

A Place To Put Yer Joe

This coffee table is made from 1.5" thick alder planks.  She's a beast and will last through pretty much anything.  (We don't even think Chris Farley could've smashed this thing.)  We wanted to keep things simple and elegant, so we continued with our classic linear styling, but angle cut the bottom to add a bit of sophistication and complemented that flourish by kicking out the tapered legs at a slight angle.  We currently offer two sizes:

Standard:  48" L x 18" D x 16" T
Long:  60" L x 18" D x 16" T

Custom sizes can be ordered at any time.

Add a Side of Modular!

Our side table is made in the exact same quality and style of the coffee table, but it serves a different purpose.  We built it with your creativity in mind.  The size is 30" x 30" x 16", which means it is the exact same depth as our Classic Daybed, Classic Chair, and Ottoman and the surface of the table is flush with the top of the seat cushions.  This means you can get any kind of modular sofa unit you can think of: a daybed, a side table, and a chair; or maybe two chairs with a side table in between; or perhaps pair a daybed and an ottoman to make a chaise sofa and get a side chair and use the table as a center coffee table!  The possibilities are endless.  If you are inspired, but have something else in mind, we can do a custom size for you, no problem.